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If you are that kind of person who always strives to be the best whatever they do – then it's you we are looking for. We welcome all kinds of strong personalities: people full of vigour, motivated, with positive thinking, who have their life outside work with interesting hobbies, people enthusiastic about career development in a favourable social environment of a professional and highly stabilized company.

 We are an up-to-date and dynamic company with 19 years of presence on the market, employing mostly the younger generation. Average age in our company is around 37 years. The management fully accommodates the needs of our employees, employing all contemporary trends in staff care. We are open to all innovation, be it excellent or the most crazy, as well as to simple ideas and suggestions.


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We are a friendly team held together through informal relationships. Our goals are big and daring but based on firm foundations. To keep our lead and our top position in our branch, we want to work only with professionals. The greatest advantages of working for us, which also help in building steady and promising teams, are an advanced corporate culture and the possibility of further individual development through systematic education or through both home and international work stays, by the side of the leader in software, services and solutions provider, Microsoft Corporation. With us, you never miss a career opportunity, you work with state-of-the-art technologies and obtain vast employee benefits. We might be looking exactly for you: a spotless graduate, an experienced specialist or a person who wants to change the course of his or her career and is eager to work on herself or himself relentlessly.


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