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Main features of the system for vehicle retailers and services

  • The answer is the DMS (Dealer Management System) system, fully based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, business and economic system and its modularity principle.
  • International, flexible solution, tailored to the customer’s needs, suitable for non-manufacturing companies.
  • DMS modules are fully interconnected so that work duplication and errors are eliminated  
  • Thanks to interconnectedness, the vehicles dealer management has immediate access to financial information of its company´s performance.
  • Relevant areas – vehicle sales and servicing, spare parts management, communication with manufacturers, Customer relationship management (CRM), accounting agenda, financial controlling, data export and other additional modules. The system is used by more than 40 000 end users in a wide range of international brands.

How will DMS help you in selected areas?

Vehicle Sales – Vehicle Management Module  

  • Increased sales volumes due to complex connections between the sale processes.
  • Good decision making concerning vehicle purchase thanks to thorough records of the customer's vehicle (configuration, service work performed, etc.).
  • Effective campaign targeting, effective sales promotion, specific offers "tailored" to the customer’s needs – thanks to effective recording of the customer´s preferences, interests and other information.
  • Clear outputs for effective management decisions.

Vehicle Service - Service Manager Module

  •  Improved process of service management and optimization of service capacities.
  •  Automatic generation of information about a given vehicle, customer, including notification about impending periodical inspections or outstanding customer receivables.
  • Effective monitoring of costs, productivity, resource management, performance of individual stages of the process, recording work time, spare parts used, costs of external supplier´s services, and so on.
  • Records of customers' vehicles, repair history, vehicles servicing and spare parts inventory supports the service´s retail operations.


Spare parts management

  • Increased profitability thanks to improvement of inventory management processes, stock turnover and sale of spare parts.
  • Careful monitoring, recording diverse requirements of customers and the servicing all help to predict the optimum supply of spare parts.
  • Assistance with the spare parts classification, according to their turnover, seasonality, obsolescence and restocking. This will help you balance availability of spare parts and the correct amount of funds tied in spare parts stocks.
  • Support of spare parts ordering, electronic data exchange with spare parts suppliers. Tight integration with the general ledger provides up to date look at the company´s financial performance.


Main features of the system for automotive suppliers


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Automotive Supplier is the answer - created in collaboration with Atos Origin (based on Microsoft Dynamics AX product of ERP, which is extended by an "Automotive layer").
  • This system offers comprehensive functions that aim to unify, automate and simplify the administration and management of finances, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, supply chain processes, design and production orders.
  • Covered areas
  • Tier 1,2,3, OEM Level Coverage
  • Highly integrated EDI communication according to VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT and ANSI X.12
  • Integrated automotive standard processes according to the VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT and AIAG
  • Integrated Customer / OEM automotive processes (GM delivery note / MAIS PUS, VW AMES-T, BMW Belom, Stard, GPI/L3P/Cindi Renault, DaimlerChrysler LLZ etc.).
  • Prepared automotive documents
  • Supplier management

How can the system help you?

  • Reliable and flexible production management and planning, which is interconnected with sales, production and inventory.
  • The system supports work scheduling and sorting it into sequences including resource management and production centre management.
  • Integrated links of individual suppliers with a specific car manufacturer.


Module developed by Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech - Automotive CRM

How can this module help you?

  • Solutions for effective customer relationship management.
  • Effective management of representation in individual countries, communication with dealers, management of campaigns, opportunities, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Support for car manufacturers, their representation, manufacturers of construction, transportation and other technology, where high demands are placed on the administration and management of own or franchise networks.


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