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Vojmír Kubíček
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Main Features

  • Prepared by Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV / CRM system – guarantee of further development and support of the standardized form.
  • Key element - a quick implementation through Rapid Implementation Methodology.
  • Quality system based on an international solution, which is not yet too robust and expensive.
  • Implementation is adapted to your businesses needs and requirements


How can the system help you?

Microsoft Dynamics AX – BOX for manufacturing enterprises

  • Supports all areas of your business (production, distribution, finance and project management, CRM, business analysis, etc.)
  • Higher achievement of business success through automation and simplification of business procedures, integration with global customers, partners and affiliates.
  • Fast orientation in a familiar environment. Management and staff will take quick and correct decisions necessary for profitable business.
  • Support for various branches, languages, currencies, including tax, regulatory and local requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV – BOX for manufacturing enterprises

  • Accelerates and simplifies specialized business processes.
  • You will gain easy access to current data. In this way, you can create much-needed analyses, key performance indicators, reports, and data necessary for further processing.
  • The system can be easily connected with existing systems to share data with other applications and the Internet.
  • The solution can be adapted to the size of the company. You only pay for what you really need.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – BOX for effective customer relationship management

  • You will gain excellent and necessary overview of your customers, because a satisfied customer is an essential part of a thriving company.
  • Current customer information will allow effective use of the communication mix (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, etc.).
  • Offering effective and consistent customer service strengthens their loyalty and your revenue.
  • Effective support for your dealers - better understanding of customer needs, monitoring of sale opportunities. There is the possibility of offline access and access via mobile devices for field work, and much more.



For more information please contact Vojmír Kubíček, Sales Manager for Box solution -


V. Kubíček


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