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Rálišová Vlaďka
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Senior Consultant
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CPI Property Group, Spolchemie
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Hegar Petr
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– Hegar Petr
Chief Solution Developer Microsoft Dynamics AX
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Main features


  • System for businesses in Development, Real Estate and Property Management.
  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which was extended by additional modules (Central database of objects, Development, CRM & Marketing, Sales process, Property Management) in relation to our experience.
  • Real estate management, residential construction projects, management of own properties and their rental, rental property calculations – this system allows automation of all this and much more.


How can the system help you?  

Central Database of Objects (CDO)

  • Clear records of property data.
  • Allows the creation of clear and logical units, at the same time defines their interconnections and features - joining land, premises, buildings, blocks or flats, etc.



  • Process Development is in the system supported mainly by the Project module, where hierarchical structures of the projects are defined.


CRM & Marketing

  • Appropriate identification of potential customers, optimal control and management from pre-sale activities up to sale and lease.
  • Management of marketing projects and campaigns.


The sales process

  • Supports conversion of sale prices based on real dimensions, client changes and date of their execution.
  • Divides the sale process from the contract negotiations perspective.
  • Effective management and administration of payments and billing.


Property Management

  • Allows administration and management of tenancies, billing services and subsequent billing.


Increase the Speed of Doing Business with Microsoft Dynamics AX: video


For more information please contact David Vajda, Sales Group Director for development segment -




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