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Blažek Viktor
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– Blažek Viktor
Senior Project Manager
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Smutný Martin
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– Smutný Martin
Solution Architect
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Main Features

  • The foundation of the system is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Experience with a wide range of projects in the field of engineering system enabled us to adapt the system for both, custom manufacturing and for mass production.
  • The size or level of difficulty of the production is irrelevant.
  • The solution is always tailored to your type of production and business.
  • Basic modules can be freely combined and expanded.
  • The most frequently implemented areas are financial management, sales and marketing, manufacturing, logistics and inventory.



How can the system help you?

  • Compliance with regulations, transparency and easy operation in different locations and countries due to standardized processes.
  • Suitable international solution thanks to various language mutations.
  • We also offer the option of adding and updating information of the relevant applicable legislation of the country.


Module developed by Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech - Tools and Maintenance

How can this module help you?

  • Effectively supplements the comprehensive information system of the company.
  • Complete business management of utility and special tools.


For more information please contact Vojmír Kubíček, Sales Manager for Machinery segment -


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