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Main Features


  • The foundation of the system is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Solution for healthcare facilities.
  • Core of the solution - HealthCare Controlling, a specialized module consisting of financial management, asset management, purchase and sale of materials, reporting, budgeting and controlling, business decisions.
  • The system is easy to expand as needed. We will adapt it to your company´s needs.



How can the system help you?


  • Effective operation - we have many years of experience with the implementation of this system in healthcare facilities. We have detailed knowledge of the scope and specific requirements of the health-care sector. Smooth running of the system is ensured by effective arrangement of all its parts.
  • Easy management and optimization of processes.
  • High quality outputs for correct managerial decisions.


For more information please contact Petr Kubát, Sales Manager for Health industry -


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